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Ensuring safety in residential and commercial apartments should be a lifestyle embraced by everyone. Smoke alarms are greatly helpful in preventing a fire outbreak or hazard before the incident gets out of control. Read along to get installation and maintenance tips as well as the laws and regulations guiding the use of smoke alarms in Australia. 


Tips To Smoke Alarm Installation & Maintenance  


  1. Research & Purchase Your Smoke Alarm 

Making some research about your smoke alarm before purchase would save you lots of stress. You’d agree that there are various types and brands selling today. Preferably, go for a brand that’s been tested and trusted by many. 

Try going for the products that require little to zero technicality skills before installation. The level of maintenance should also be a factor when buying your smoke alarm. 


  1. Get Smoke Alarms For Every Section  

Fire ignition can happen in the most unlikely places of your home. People often believe smoke alarms installation should be for the kitchen area or garage only. While it might not feel necessary, install one smoke alarm at every level or section of your home. These sections include your attics and basement levels as well as the hallways. Of course, it’s compulsory to have one for each bedroom. 


  1. Promptly & Carefully Install the Smoke Alarms 

After purchase, get the alarms installed immediately. You don’t want to live in a home without protection of some sort against a fire hazard. During installation, make sure the alarm is placed adjacent to the ground level of your home. Ensure it’s directly in the centre of the room. Wall smoke alarms should be placed at a measurable distance from the ceiling. 


  1. Follow the Instructions Guide & Test After 
  2. Installation 

You have the instruction manual to serve as a guide when installing your smoke detector. Carefully follow the step-by-step instructions to get the best installation possible. After a successful installation, press the test button on the alarm to carry out a live test on the device. Ensure every person in the room can hear the frequency of sound and also get familiar with the alarm. 


  1. Carry Out Routine Power Test Monthly 

With the self-test button, you can easily test your smoke detector from time to time. However, it’s advised to carry out a manual test monthly to be certain of the condition of your smoke alarms. Test the fire sensor specifically with a smoke sample close to it while you clean to ensure it’s functional. The test should be done on every detector in your home. 


  1. Change the Battery Cells of Non-hardwired Alarms Annually

Most smoke alarms are Non-hardwired unlike the very few that require electrical connection to function. The batteries of these smoke alarms need to be checked and changed annually to ensure they don’t stop working abruptly. Get a reminder set on your mobile phone to remain prompted on the battery replacement date. Check the instructions’ guide when changing your batteries.  

  1. Clean Your Smoke Alarms Monthly For Maintenance  

Pollutants and specks of dust could potentially affect the functionality of your smoke alarms if not attended to on time. Cleaning out the exterior from accumulated dust should be done frequently. Meanwhile, the interior part of the detector is slightly protected and might need cleaning monthly. Remove the alarm from the wall or ceiling and carefully clean out the dust from the vacuum. 


Smoke Alarm Laws & Regulations In Australia  

The Australian Safety Department has put together a few laws and regulations guiding the use of smoke detectors in the country. Get familiar with them and ensure you adhere to obey them accordingly. 


  • All smoke alarm installations are required to meet the Building Code of Australia (BCA).  The installation and location of the alarms in your home must also meet the standards of BCA. 
  • That the smoke alarms in your residence should not exceed a 10-year expiration timeframe before they are replaced. The 10-year expiration timeframe is respected globally and Australian citizens must abide by its regulations in Australia.  
  • Residents should connect their smoke detectors directly to the main power supply. Unless a 10-year power span battery is introduced in the nearest future, Australian citizens should only use electrical alarms in homes.  
  • Generally, Australian citizens are required to abide by the Australian Standards 3786:2014 guiding smoke detector usage in the country. The smoke alarms have different manufacturing details inscribed on them. Ensure you check the standards for the specified rules guiding your smoke alarm usage, maintenance, and installation.  


Are You In Need of A Smoke Detector Specialist? 

While installing smoke alarms could be pretty straightforward, it’s safe that you get a professional electrician to install the detectors.


At 1 Zap Electrical, they are the smoke alarm specialists and electricians who’ve helped install and maintain multiple smoke detectors in the Gold Coast region. 

You may still be asking yourself “Can’t I just do this myself, Why use a master electrician?” Well for tenants it’s required to be carried out by a professional by law. Even if you own your own home, for smoke detector installation and repair services it is best to get an electrician in to ensure laws & regulations are still being followed and your safety is not at risk.



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