Significantly Reduce Your Power bills with Solar Technology.

Switching to solar can help you drastically cut back on power bills by up to 50%. Solar panels can be used to harness the sun’s energy that you can use to power virtually anything in your home, from the TV, the washing machine, to the HVAC system.

The best thing about solar power is that you can store power for use when the power is out or during high demand periods without causing a surge in your power bills. When you install solar panels, you split the home’s energy source between the sun and the utility company. Solar power can be used to essential power appliances in the home when the sun is out. This means you only need to use the grid in the evenings or on overcast days, resulting in substantial power savings in the long run.

Solar Power: Knowing What You Need for Your Home

The efficient use of solar power starts with knowing how much power your home uses regularly. An average house uses up 20kWh per day, which can work with a 5kW system. It is essential to get a system that can provide this amount of power. This means that it does not matter how many panels you install, but how much power your system can provide.

Clueless about how much power your home uses up in a month? Look at past power bills to get an average. You can also use an online power calculator for a more accurate estimate of your power needs depending on the home’s size, power usage habits, and other factors.

Significantly Reduce Your Power bills with Solar Technology: How to Do it.

Choose an extensive system.

First off, start with the bigger system. Solar panels are relatively cheap, which means you can work with a more extensive system for the most savings. A bigger system allows you to generate excess power to export to the grid for feed-in tariffs. A more extensive system can also work with a bigger battery, allows you to maximize your inverter’s capacity and provide the home with more power during the day, so you have less need for grid power.


Maximize power consumption during the day

As much as possible, use power during the day and limit power usage at night. Opt to run heavy appliances while on solar during the day. Limit excessive use of power at night since this power will be coming from the utility grid or your battery, which you want to keep full for most of the time.

Opt for a grid-connected system

There are benefits to an off-grid system, but if you want to save on costs and this is your first foray into solar power, start with a grid-connected system to ensure that you can get power from both sources while saving on-grid power costs. A grid connection ensures that your home stays powered even during overcast or rainy days or at night, especially if your system does not have a storage battery. You can also take advantage of power rebates.

Choose the right inverter and battery.

The general rule is that you need a 5kWh inverter for a 5kWh system, but you can work with a smaller capacity inverter since solar panels rarely deliver the maximum rated output. this advice was give by solar experts Solar Tactics based in Melbourne.  A battery is also a good idea despite the cost. Having a battery can further lessen your reliance on the grid and allow you to divert excess power for storage.

A typical solar power system with a 5kWh capacity can set you back around 10k. With a 3.5k rebate, you can only expect to spend AUD 6.5k for power usage, which significantly reduces your average power usage and lower power bills in the long term. The right system can start paying for itself a year or two after installation, especially if you live in an area where there is ample sunlight all year round.

Even with the right inverter and battery and a great location with ample sunlight for most of the year, solar power won’t guarantee zero power bills from here on out. But with the right system, you can drastically reduce your reliance on the grid, lower your power bills, and generate electricity stores to tide you over during a blackout. All these are reasons enough to think about solar power for your home.

How to Find an Experienced Electrician in Brisbane Northside

If you are a homeowner in Brisbane and you want your electrician North Brisbane to work for you when it comes to your needs, you may want to consult a reliable Brisbane electrician. You should also be aware of what type of services you can expect from them and how long it will take to complete your job.

Electricians Brisbane Northside offers work for a variety of electrical systems. Some of the most common jobs they do include installation of light switches, basic electrical wiring, and repairs on faulty lights, outlets, and panels. The work done by an electrician is important for your home’s safety and security, so you should be prepared to pay for professional services.

Electricians Brisbane Northside has access to a range of electrical supplies that will allow them to get the job done quickly and accurately. These supplies include good quality batteries, switches, and power converters.

For an older home with no electrical system, hiring an electrician can be one of the most beneficial things you can do. If your home lacks the proper lighting and insulation, the electrician can provide you with LED lighting for outdoor and indoor use. They also have a selection of lights that will allow you to brighten up your yard without having to spend hundreds of dollars.

The electrical service for your home can also benefit from a power strip that can provide more than just power. Power strips can be used to plug in computers, televisions, and audio equipment without the need for adapters or cables.

Power strips also give electrical technician’s an excellent place to install lighting systems. Many of the newer units require power outlets to function. In the past, there were limited options for lights with plug-in capabilities, so now you can get the same look and feel with lights with power outlets. If you are looking for peace of mind, an electrician will be able to help you find the right power strip. He or she can help you choose between two different types of power strips: all in one system and semi-permanent power strips. Both types of power strips can be used to fit almost any application.

An all in one power strip can accommodate a variety of devices. It usually comes with an outlet, wall-mounted switches, a power adapter, and the circuit breaker that regulate current. The one that comes with the all in one system may be a little more costly but it is usually worth it in the long run.

Semi-permanent power strips are a little cheaper and are great for DIY type projects. They require a transformer, power strip, and a power cord. These power strips may not fit into the all in one system’s category, but they can be used to provide a general-purpose solution for smaller projects.

Not all power strips will fit into the category of all in one system. Depending on the size of your home, you may have some limitations. An electrician will recommend the best options for your needs based on your location and your electrical system.

When you are working with an electrician, they will usually have several suggestions for the kind of work you can expect. They will be able to recommend types of equipment for small electrical jobs, specific power tools, and general lighting solutions. They can also be consulted for finding professional electricians in your area that may not be listed on your phone book.

An electrician can be instrumental in ensuring that your electrical system is functioning properly. If you are having trouble with your system, they can make sure you don’t have any problem with your current system. Your electrical technician can also provide you with important information to help you with the planning of future maintenance for your system.

Choosing an Electrical Installation Company For Your Gold Coast Home

An electrician Gold Coast can provide you with a variety of services and solutions, as some many companies and contractors provide these services. But how do you choose the right one?

When looking for an electrician, it is important to consider several factors before hiring them. The first step is to look at the kind of work they offer. Do they specialize in providing services or equipment and machinery?

Is it only hardware and appliances, or does their services include other services as well? Do they specialize in providing the products or are they capable of customizing their work? After choosing an electrician, you can now choose the location where the electrical installation work will be done.

Once you know where the work will be done, it is time to find out if you need to hire an electrician or not. It is always better to ask around first, to see if other customers who were satisfied with the work we’re able to provide you with this information. Check the company’s website to find out what the services it offers are. This way, you will know what services you should ask for from your electrical installation work.

If you need an electrician that is capable of providing you with customized services, do not hesitate to ask about it, as it will give you an idea of the kind of work the company offers. A company that can provide customized services can help you achieve higher standards of service and customer satisfaction.

It is also important to know that some of the local electrical installation companies are affiliated with the bigger ones. As long as you know how to identify the different types of services offered by the companies, you will be able to identify which type of services you require.

You should also know that a final choice on which company to hire is a personal one, as it depends on the kind of professional that you want to hire. There are a lot of companies that offer electrical services but the thing that you have to be careful about is whether the electrical installation is done at the spot where it is needed or if the company can transfer the job to another location.

When choosing among the reputable electrical companies, you should be able to see whether the company has been in business for at least three years. The company must have the power to create a warranty for the services that it provides, which should also be extended for up to two years after the work is done.

Once you know what kind of services the company offers, you should also be able to check the phone numbers and addresses of the company and see if there are any complaints registered against the company. And make sure that the company can respond to your calls as soon as possible. The most important thing to remember is that the company must be reliable and trustworthy.

Once you choose an electrical installer for your Gold Coast home, it is time to start paying attention to the cost. This is the most important thing that you need to consider as a prospective customer, since it affects the overall quality of the work. The prices of the electrical installation are indeed a lot lower compared to those of the services that are provided by the electrical companies, but you should still do your research and compare prices before finalizing the deal.

The best thing to do is to ask the customer service representative to provide you with the correct price range so that you will be able to get a good deal. Also remember that you should never be pressured to pay a particular amount as it may not necessarily mean that the price is that low.

As you can see, there are many different factors that you need to consider when looking for an electrical installer for your Gold Coast home. It is still best to ask other people who have already had their electrical installations done to find out how they got the services they wanted from their contractors.

Solar power storage, how does it work?

When you consider moving to solar power and especially solar power storage with batteries, it can be a minefield of data and technical information that is often confusing.

It’s important to do your research so you fully understand how the technology works and what will be the best option for your families needs. The better you understand the process, the more effectively you’ll be able to communicate with your solar provider.

We all know that adding solar panel to your home will convert the suns energy into electricity. This is great, but what if your solar panels produce more than your home needs? This surplus energy is exported to the electrical grid system. Essentially you are giving the suns energy away.

By adding storage, you’ll have somewhere to put this surplus energy so you can use it when needed (often at night or in rainy weather).

Below are two storage options which are worth considering.

Option 1
Maximise your use of solar energy.
This option requires a device installed in your main switchboard to keep check of the energy flow to and from your home. The inverter then decides if there is enough surplus energy being produced to store in your batteries. Once the batteries are fully charged, the surplus energy is then exported to the grid or not produced at all.

Option 2
Take advantage of the price of electricity

The inverter and batteries are placed in between the connection to the grid and the circuits that supply power to the home. The inverter then makes a decision about what is the cheapest source of electricity. Typically this would be to use solar power first, used stored energy at night and if there are cheap off-peak grid tariffs – partially charge the batteries at off-peak time. Some systems even have weather forecasting and can decide the night before whether to charge batteries from cheap night rate power or to charge from the sun the following day.

If you live in NSW and have solar, don’t suffer meter bill shock

If you live in NSW and have solar, don’t suffer meter bill shock.

If you are one of the 150,000 households in NSW enjoying a 60c/kWh gross feed-in-tariff, that is all about to change come 31 December 2016.

Don’t sit back and think about it, you need to act now, install batteries, upgrade your meter and get ahead of the pack otherwise you’ll be on a waiting list to get an electrician who is actually qualified to change over your meter.

Why is this so urgent you ask?

Under the current NSW rules, there are not enough qualified electricians to do the job. It is estimated that if all of those qualified did these new meter installations and nothing else for a year, they could still only change 50,000 meters. This means you’ll be waiting a while and while waiting, you’ll be paying a hefty power bill.

If you are one of the households that cannot get your meter changed in a quick timeframe, then you’ll receive only a meagre feed-in tariff for your entire solar output – say around 6c/kWh – while paying the retailer rate – between 22c/kWh and 30c/kWh – for any electricity consumed in the home.

For a household with 3kW of rooftop solar, the average daily output is around 12kWh.

Under the current NSW solar bonus tariff, you are receiving $7.20 a day for your output. Depending on your electricity usage, you might be receiving a cheque in the mail, rather than a bill, each quarter.

Under the new tariff arrangements, you’ll receive a ‘net tariff’, of around 6c/kWh. If you don’t change meters, you’ll receive 72c a day, rather than $7.20.

Contact us today, we’ll talk you through the available solar battery solutions to make sure they are suitable for your home energy needs.